Top Favorite Plant Shops in NYC

On the weekends, one of my favorite things to do in NYC is taking long walks and "maybe" pass by a plant shop to observe the beautiful greenery. Actually, I lied. I intentionally make sure my long Brooklyn walks include passing by a nursery. I advise people not to buy too many plants at once, especially if you don't have a green thumb, but sometimes, I don't even follow my own advice. It's tough to take my own advice, especially when a plant shop has a struggling plant on sale. I convince myself I can save it and give it the loving home it needs. At times I'm successful. Other times they just couldn't survive. It's a sad sight to see! Enough the bitter talk, I wanted to share some of my favorite plant stores here in the NYC area:

Greenery Unlimited

Greenery Unlimited located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY

Natty Garden

Natty Garden located in both Prospect Heights and Bed-Stuy Brooklyn

Juanita's Plants

Juanita Plants - plant delivery service in the NYC Tri-state Area

Mobile Roots

Plant Delivery service based in NJ and delivers to tri-state area.

Geometry Garden

Geometry Garden located in Williamsburg Brooklyn

These shops are unique and help advise which plant works best for your environment and care tips. While picking up plants at these fantastic shops, you might want a beautiful planter pot with your new plant baby! Check Palette Pots collection here.

Happy Planting!

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