Palette Pots makes it easy for you to complement your house plants and garden plants by providing planter pots in a variety of colors and modern styles that fit your aesthetic, whether in your home, balcony, office, or wherever your plant calls home! As a plant parent myself, I always found myself having a difficult time finding a planter in my favorite color or just having the option to pick different solid color planters. I started Palette Pots for people who had the same struggle as me to find the right accessory for their plant. 


About the founder

Latrice is a colorful character and enjoys vibrant colors. She is currently a Brooklynite raising her two majestic cats, cooks mostly plant-based food, and collects as many plants as possible. When Latrice is not doing those practical activities, she spends her time working in digital media and brand partnerships at some of the largest publishers on the web. She is now balancing her time to working on Palette Pots and trying to find ways to bring the most vibrant accessories to plant parents and listen to their needs.